Carroll is a man of all trades. He was the first employee at Rasani and knows how o do everything. He is involved from training to supply, maintenance, basically whatever the company needs!”

Executive Assistant

Carroll Wilburn


“Live a life full of Joy and make money”

Vonda makes sure every agent has a clean working environment and all the supplies they need to have a great day. Office Upkeep ensures agenhts come in to a clean and inviting workplace every day. Vonda wanhts to you to come in and have the best set up to get to work and make some money!

Office Manager

Vonda Proctor

“Stop playing, start selling and get this money”


With a penchant for fashion and accessories, our floor supervisor Teaira will keep you focused in style! Every day she motivates our troops to get to work and brings her smile and positivity to the office every day. Teaira directs traffic of calls to our clients, coordinates breaks, and makes sure everyone knows what's going on.

Director of operations

Teaira Dorsey



“Lifes better with systems”


A wizard when it comes to systems, data analysis, reporting, Database configuration, campaign set-up, VoIP management, pretty much any and everything that deals with a call center and direct marketing. Kent is the coach on the floor. Gair is the GM in the skybox with a birdseye view of ll things powering our operation

Executive VP

Gair Lewis


“Quality over Quantity”

Someones always listening. That person is Thelma. We call her T Hawk because of that's exactly what she does. Hawks calls and monitors all agent production. Thelma is in charge of making sure agents are asking all the nessecary questions and are providing our clients with a quality product.

Director of Quality Control

Thelma Hawkins

“Attitude and Attendance"

Racheals important. No like really important. She makes sure everyone has everything needed to work in a safe and healthy environment. And get paid for doing it. Recruiting, scheduling, payroll are just some of the things this young lady manages. With a background in government policy Racheal is big on maintaining an organized system of policies and processes that are built for everyone to succeed.

HR Director

Racheal Gathoni


“The only option is Greatness”

Clarence changed the game. His arrival to Rasani literally transformed the company from a start-up to a thriving marketing workplace with now over 75 employees. He brings over 15 years of financial experience, call center creation, and software management to the table. Clarence is in charge of all things business related. Account Management overseeing, Data acquisition, Closing ratio Metrics, and Business Analysis. Clarence is the engine that has moves Rasani forward.


Clarence Vincent


“Activism through Employment”

Josh Wingo is an 11 year veteran in the word of Direct Marketing. Inspired by the glaring injustice and issues the riots caused the city, Josh was moved to do more than work for another corporation that didn't care about the real issues going on in Baltimore. Starting Rasani 3 years ago after leaving this mega-company Josh wanted to do something more than just another call center. His vision rests in the creation of opportunities for people who show up, work hard, and have a good attitude. With the right training and those attributes, anyone can succeed. Rasani wants you to succeed. We want Baltimore to get the win in the process by giving more people REAL JOBS.


Josh Wingo