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About Rasani Consulting

Our People are from all walks of life and share the common traits of sales, customer service, and a desire to make money. This is a judgment-free zone. We don’t care where you have been. We care about where you’re going. We are an awesome team of people who work hard to provide leads and marketing to our clients.  When a company needs a call center work they call us. So we call on our people to generate leads for them. 

Our Team is composed of real people who come into the office every day eager to provide for their families and move forward by developing an understanding of what each client needs. 

We own and operate some of the top call centers in the US and we pride ourselves on giving motivated individuals an opportunity to develop high-quality leads for our clients. We rely on this process. We are people powered! We provide an amazing atmosphere and environment for you to help us achieve our goals. 

Our team is trained to pound the phones, perform outbound sales, handle inbound call traffic, pre-screen web-forms, and develop a laser focus on one thing-CLOSING. 

Rasani Has Helped

Here are some of the verticals that Rasani has helped take to the next level

• P2P Lending
• Automotive (Service reminders and other offers) 
• Merchant Cash Advance
• Mortgage (specializing in VA and FHA Loans)
• Student Loan Assistance
• Tax Debt Help
• Credit Repair
• Payday Advance Loan

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Will Wingo





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Gair Lewis

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Josh Wingo

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Thelma Hawkins

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Clarence Vincent

How Rasani Consulting Operates

Live Transfers

Our agents work through cold calls and then thoroughly vet customers who are interested in your product or service to confirm eligibility. The agent then conferences in your salesperson makes a quick and professional introduction, and your team takes it from there! For conversation rates, this method reliably proves to be among the best. 

Internet Leads

Rasani uses recent internet lead data to provide our customers with another way to increase sales team productivity and consistently obtain a higher than usual closure rates due to the high quality of the data provided.

Mailer Programs

Many companies use direct mail to reach out to to local customers and provide targeted ads. Rasani can not only coordinate the mail drop itself, but can also do  follow up calls a few days  after, which has shown to be a very good way of reaching out to customers who may have missed the mailer or tossed it out.

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We are people powered! We provide an amazing atmosphere and environment for you to help us achieve our goals.